Get Up Off the Floor and Dance!


When I lived in Ohio, my friends and I went country line dancing every Wednesday night. Of all the things I miss about Ohio, those Wednesdays are missed most. My friends and I know nearly every dance and spent years perfecting them.

So, moving to Pittsburgh wasn’t as fun because I didn’t have my Wednesdays anymore.

Now, many people are surprised when I tell them I listen to country music, but I like to keep things edgy. Anyway, while listening to Froggy, Pittsburgh’s country station, I discovered that Latitude 40 has country line dancing. Every Wednesday is country night.

Could I finally be getting my Wednesdays back???

I wasn’t sure. My expectations were low, truthfully.

How do I describe Latitude 40 (or Latitude 360 as I guess it’s known as now)? It’s massive. There’s a restaurant, bars, and bowling.¬†¬†There’s the link if you want to check it out.

A friend of mine came with me, and we had so much fun! I even knew some of the dances because they’re the same ones we do in Ohio. In other words, I’m glad I went. I’m not amazing at dancing. Come on, I trip over air! But I love to dance. You can’t beat the thrill, the challenge, or the laughter when you make a mistake. The people watching is fantastic, too.

There’s no cover charge to get in. Dancing lessons start at 7 and the actual I’m-just-going-to-try-this-and-hope-I-don’t-fall-and-break-my-nose dancing starts at 8.

Pittsburgh, you’re not so bad. Thanks for giving me back my Wednesdays!