23 Blessings


Today is my birthday! In honor of turning 23, I decided to take a step back and use this time to reflect on all the goodness and blessings God has given me in my 23 years of life. So, here goes!

1.) My amazing parents

2.) My two crazy but lovable siblings

3.) My new dog, Gus

2014-10-19 01.05.34

4.) A roof over my head, even if it’s not the roof I wanted

5.) I never go to bed hungry

6.) My car

7.) My job, at which I never had a bad day yet

8.) My friends, both in Pittsburgh and in Ohio

9.) For the faith community I found in Pittsburgh

10.) My education

11.) My ability to read and write

12.) All the traveling I have done in my life

13.) I lived away from home and moved back with more appreciation for it

14.) For the people in my life who have guided me along

15.) For libraries

16.) That I got to know all four of my grandparents, even though only one is still living

17.) For extended family who stand by you, no matter what

18.) For the beauty of nature

19.) For my health

20.) For my eyes, which are my favorite physical feature

21.) For my hometown library, which triggered my desire to be a librarian

22.) For the Harry Potter books, which led me to everything I am today

23.) For life


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