Getting Real Tired of This


Pittsburgh’s novelty is starting to wear off.

Driving in the city irritates me, and I am no better at it than when I took my first day trip into the city. Some unexpected car trouble has put my finances on hold for a while, so no recent day trips. And I’m about to start grad school long-distance, so I have classes and student loans to worry about. I’m frustrated and guarantee that by the time I write all this out, I will be significantly less annoyed. But right now, I want to vent.

I still miss my friends in Ohio, even though going back would not advance me in any way. If anything, it would drive me battier than I already am. However, that does not mean that I don’t kind of wish I could go back. Driving in Kent is a lot better than driving in Pittsburgh.

Even though I haven’t done everything on my personal Pittsburgh bucket list, there’s the idea in the back of my mind that I’ve already done everything I could ever want to do. One cannot live on museums alone. Latitude will never be the Dusty Armadillo. I’m getting bored of taking trips alone. So, now what?

Like I said, I’ll feel better once I’ve written all this out. But I want to take a vacation away from Pittsburgh, in a whole new place. I need some inspiration.


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