Start Your Engines: Driving Through Trouble


2014-06-24 04.09.49

Pittsburgh driving is an art. It requires speed, determination, trickery, and agility. And a heck of a lot of confidence.
My commute to work involves a lot of two-lane roads through Ohio farmland and the wildest ride I have is when the stoplight is red. So me trying to tackle Pittsburgh traffic promised to be a disaster.

2014-06-24 04.06.36

2014-06-24 04.06.46


I left my hometown around 9:15 a.m., missing the morning rush hour. Despite this, before I even entered the city, an accident almost materialized before me when a car made a left turn as soon as the light turned green, sending all the cars in front of me into a lurching stop. Sighing in relief that nothing bad happened, I followed my GPS to the Mattress Factory with little trouble.
Now, I knew getting out of the city, would be a nightmare, but I didn’t want to get to my next destination too early, so I left Pittsburgh around 5 p.m. I followed the signs to interstate 376. Those signs told me to get in the right two lanes. Okay, I thought. I can do that. I got into the far right lane. Once I approached the bridge to the Fort Pitt Tunnels, another sign bid, “376 Left Two Lanes.” Um, what? Surprisingly, this took a lot less time than I anticipated. I had my turn signal on for a while, but no one was letting me in. Finally, I just sort of bullied my way in front of a red car. The lady in that car didn’t even appear to be paying me any attention. But I managed to get in without causing a wreck (I credit Blessed Mother and my guardian angel with that one), and zoomed through the tunnel. As soon as I popped out the other end, it hit me that I survived the first half of Pittsburgh rush hour traffic. After that, getting down 376 was a little slow, but easy.
Now I feel like I can drive anywhere. Thanks, Pittsburgh, for having such irritating traffic because now I feel invincible!

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