Speaking the Language


“Yinz wanna go dahntahn ‘n watch a Stillers?”

Tranlation: Do you want to go downtown and watch the Steelers?

No, as a matter of fact, I do not. I always joke I was born into the wrong part of the world. Pittsburgh bleeds black and gold, so I guess I do, too, by default. But I was never a huge football fan. The Steelers mean nothing to me. I never know the Penguins are in the playoffs until someone tells me. And I only go to Pirates games for the Pierogi Race.

In my opinion, the true wonders of Pittsburgh are overshadowed by the incessant chatter about sports. Unfortunately, to talk sports is to talk the language.

So, now I’m back in the Burgh, speaking the sports language of “How do yinz think them Stillers are gonna do this year?”

Ha, no. I’m speaking a new language, the language of a person determined to understand what’s so great about this city. What makes it home to so many? What’s so special about it?

My name is Adrienne Savoldi, and I am tackling Pittsburgh.



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